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Civil Society Program

Social movements and NGOs are coordinating a “Global People’s Forum” which will include strategic analysis of the WTO proceedings as well as host of educational forums organized around key themes. These include:

  • Sept. 10th Agriculture, Food Security, Food Sovereignty and TRIPs
  • Sept. 11th Globalization and Militarization
  • Sept. 12th Privatization and Services
  • Sept. 13th Environment and Sustainable Development

There will be a massive march on September 13th, the day before the Ministerial ends, in the city of Cancún to protest the anti-democratic and unfair practices of the WTO.

The following websites will give you more background on the organizations who will be working in Cancún to stop the expansion of the WTO, as well as the activities being planned:

Foro de los Pueblos por una Alternativa a la OMC
Our World Is Not For Sale (OWINFS) Network
Chiapas Independent Media Center
Bienvenidos a Cancún 


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