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Trade in the 2008 Elections

Fact Sheet:
Selected Campaign Statements By President Barack Obama on U.S. Trade and Globalization Policy (PDF)

New GTW Report:
Fair Trade Gets an Upgrade (PDF)

(also: appendix of state-by-state candidate profiles [PDF]; and the related press release)

GTW Report:
Presidential Candidates' Key Proposals on Health Care and Climate Will Require WTO Modifications

From the presidency to both chambers of Congress and from the traditionally "free trade" Florida to Colorado and New York to New Mexico, successful candidates in 2008 election races ran on a platform of fundamental overhaul of U.S. trade and globalization policies including a growing number of Republicans, with a net increase in Congress of 35 fair trade supporters, according to our report, Fair Trade Gets an Upgrade (PDF).

In addition to the report, you can also check out our database of 137 paid trade television ads run by candidates for office in the 2008 election cycle.

We also did an in-depth report on trade in the 2006 elections, which you can read here.

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» GTW Report - Election 2008: Fair Trade Gets an Upgrade (PDF)

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