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Permanent Normal Trading Relations with China (PNTR)

The granting of Permanent Normal Trading Relations with China would mean unconditional, unlimited, permanent access for Chinese-made goods into the US market and an end to the current annual review of China s trade.  PNTR with China is neither merited nor appropriate.

PNTR is not merited because the Chinese government's dismal and worsening record on:labor rights, human rights, threats against US national security, religious freedom, and the past violation of all past trade, human rights, anti-prison labor, endangered species and other treaties.

PNTR is also not necessary. Even if Congress opposes China PNTR, US exporters still would obtain the potential trade benefits of China's WTO accession under the 1979 US-China Agreement.

Furthermore, while the US has nothing to lose by maintaining the annual review and taking a "trust but verify" approach to China trade while reviewing whether China follows its WTO commitments, the US has plenty to lose by granting PNTR. We would lose our effective trade enforcement tools, the leverage of the annual congressional review of China's record and we would face new WTO attacks on US laws by China.

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