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Take Action - Stop the FTAA!

The FTAA seeks to expand the NAFTA model to the entire western hemisphere, even though that model has led to massive job loss, a race to the bottom in labor and environmental standards here and abroad, attacks on local democracy and sovereignty, unsafe food and increasingly corporate control through privatization and deregulation. FTAA negotiations have been conducted under the strictest terms of secrecy -- corporations (including the now defunct Enron!), business groups and trade associations acting as official advisors to the FTAA negotiators have had full access to documents. However, the public and journalists had to wait years to see only a partial scrubbed version lacking vital information was made public only after a successful citizens campaign of inquiry. Despite the lack of transparency and democratic process in the negotiations, the governments involved are moving towards completion of the FTAA no later than 2005. They also are considering some "early harvest" agreements, which means that certain chapters would go into effect sooner — wreaking havoc throughout the hemisphere as parliaments are forced to change public interest laws and regulations to comply with corporate-led priorities.


  • Write to your elected representatives and tell them to oppose the FTAA
  • Arrange a meeting with your Congressional representatives to discuss the FTAA
  • Make your town an FTAA-Free Zone by having your city council pass an anti-FTAA resolution
  • Organize a Teach-In
  • Find a fair trade group in your area

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