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Medical Malpractice Crisis In Texas


In America, tens of thousands of people die each year from preventable medical errors. But rather than reform the medical system to prevent needless deaths and injuries, doctors and big insurance companies are lobbying to limit the rights of injured patients to seek full recovery in the courts. Lawmakers are asking for $250,000 lawsuit caps, limiting the liability of bad doctors. Public Citizen believes the answer is cracking down on bad doctors and repeat offenders who account for most malpractice payouts. Insurers and the medical lobby should inform the public about the true causes of the temporary spike in malpractice rates and seek real health care and insurance industry reforms that will protect patients and lead to lower premiums for doctors.

During the 78th Texas Legislature (2003), the Office of Patient Protection  was created.  Passage of HB 2985 creates a state Office of Patient Protection to serve as an ombudsman dealing with consumer complaints to state health agencies.  Main sponsors: Rep. Jaime Capelo, D-Corpus Christi, and Sen. Jane Nelson, R-Flower Mound.

To view entire bill, click here.

Also, during the session, legislators adopted HB4,

A sweeping lawsuit reform bill, HB 4, that includes limits on damages in medical malpractice lawsuits and personal injury lawsuits. This was a big win for businesses, doctors, and the insurance companies, a big loss to consumers who suffer injury from negligent doctors or unsafe products. Main sponsors: Sen. Bill Ratliff, R-Mt. Pleasant and Rep. Joe Nixon, R-Houston.

To view entire bill, click here.

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