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New Source Review

New Source Review (NSR) is a program under the federal Clean Air Act. The NSR program requires new plants, or old plants that make significant modifications, to: (1) obtain a permit, (2) install modern pollution control equipment, and (3) perform an air quality analysis. The NSR program has been called the backbone of the Clean Air Act because it is the program that should ensure that our air quality is getting better, rather than worse.

Public Citizen is working with environmental and neighborhood groups nationwide to raise public awareness of the Bush Administration’s plans to gut the NSR program. The Bush Administration has finalized some rules, and proposed other, that would, in effect, allow plants to increase pollution without installing pollution control equipment. The Bush Administration proposals take us backwards to dirtier air.  EPA is holding a public hearing in Dallas March 31st from 9am to 10 pm to take public comment on its recently proposed rules.  (Doubletree Hotel, 5410 LBJ Freeway (972) 934-8400)

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