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Energy Efficiency

Public Citizen researches renewable energy sources and uses the findings to show policy makers and the public that renewables, being more efficient (and clean), are the logical solution to the energy crisis.

Energy Efficiency Market Transformation Opportunities for Texas
A workshop jointly sponsored by Public Citizen, with the Texas Energy Efficiency Partnership, and the Electrical Utility Marketing Managers of Texas (EUMMOT).

AUSTIN, TX – September 13, 2007, Public Citizen, with the Texas Energy Efficiency Partnership and the Electrical Utility Marketing Managers of Texas sponsored a workshop on energy efficiency.  

Recent Texas legislation raised the goals for energy efficiency from residential and commercial  customers.  This workshop was a cooperative effort between environmental organizations and the EUMMOT utilities to  present best practice programs and new ideas  for achieving new levels of savings and growing energy efficiency into the future.

Representatives of state policy organizations and  market transformation  program developers and implementers shared expert insights and guidance for achieving success in driving energy efficiency into new markets

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