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How to Choose a Power Company

Here is a quick checklist every consumer should follow:


  • What is the fuel source of your power choice?


  • Will the price offered by the supplier remain the same throughout that time?
  • Is the supplier's price per kilowatt-hour the only charge, or are there other fees involved?
  • What is the supplier's price per kWh for generation, and transmission if it applies.
  • Are there any sign-up bonuses, add-ons, limited time offers or other promotions you agreed to?

Contract Terms

  • What is the length of the agreement?
  • Is there a deposit required?
  • Is there a penalty for canceling an agreement before its term is up? What steps must you take to switch suppliers?
  • What are the cancellation and renewal provisions.

Consumer Protections

  • Will you still get service from a supplier if you have an outstanding balance or bad payment history?
  • Does the supplier offer a budget billing plan?
  • What are the penalties, or fees for late payments.

Generator Scorecards

Consumers will also be able to determine for themselves whether the product they purchase is green by examining the generator scorecards (see http://www.powertochoose.org/ )The generator scorecards will record the company wide fuel mix and environmental impact data from generating facilities in Texas.

The scorecards will identify the:

  • Mega-Watt hours (MWh) obtained from each fuel source (coal, and lignite, natural gas, nuclear, renewable energy, and other sources) and the corresponding percentages of total MWh.

Tons of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, particulates, sulfur dioxide, and spent nuclear fuel produced and the corresponding emission rates in tons per MWh

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