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Public Citizen Texas 25th Anniversary Celebration 

Come on out to the Barr Mansion in Austin, TX on November 6th to celebrate Public Citizen Texas' 25th anniversary.

David Garza will play a benefit show starting at 9 pm, and fancy folks are welcome to a special reception, dinner, and awards ceremony starting at 6. Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.citizen.org/TXRSVP 


The Voice of Public Citizen in Texas

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public citizens in Texas are blogging about

Public Citizen Texas Sues TCEQ over CO2 regulation

October 5, 2009, Public Citizen filed a suit against the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in the Travis County District Court to require the commission to regulate global warming gases. This case seeks to extend to Texas law the precedent set by the U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA, which held that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the federal Clean Air Act and that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must regulate it.

To view the press release, Click here.

To view the original petition, Click here.

Public Citizen Releases Report on
the Costs of Nuclear Electric Generation Plants in Texas

Wednesday, April 29, 2009, the Texas office of Public Citizen released a report on the real cost of the nuclear expansion in Texas. 
To see the report and other materials 
click here.

Public Citizen and the Texas 81st Legislative Session

Halfway through the 81st Texas legislative session, Public Citizen has been working to educate members of the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas State Senate about numerous issues.   You can see our Legislative Agenda for this session by clicking here.

Wildcatting the Sun

 Wildcatting the Sun

Public Citizen and several other Texas environmental organizations released a study on February 2, 2009 on solar power's job creation and energy savings potential in Texas. 

You can see a copy of the full report A Texas Solar Roadmap here.

We also have made available a 4 page brochure Wildcatting the Sun -highlighting the reports findings and recommendations.

The Threat From Coal is Far From Over

 The Threat From Coal

Public Citizen continues to try and stem the tide of new proposed coal and pet coke power plants proposed for our state.  A recent brochure highlights the impacts these plants would have on the air quality of our state.  See The Threat from Coal is Far From Over.

Texas and Global Warming

 Global Warming and Texas

As federal carbon legislation looms on the horizon, Texas needs to get ready to deal with the realities of new federal mandates.

We can get ahead of the curve by enacting a greenhouse gas registry and no-regrets type efficiency measures and expanding our incredibly successful Renewable Portfolio Standard.

See our Global Warming and Texas brochure for more information

Energy Efficiency: Making Texas Energy Go Farther

 Energy Efficiency Brochure In 2008, the Public Utility Commission completed an independent study to determine whether meeting 50% of the electricity demand growth in Texas by 2015 through energy efficiency is a reasonable goal. Itron, the firm that conducted the study, found that Texas could meet that goal and achieve even greater goals. Our brochure Energy Efficiency: Making Available Energy Go Farther reviews some of the major findings and recommendations.


Storage: An Essential Component for a Successful Renewable Energy Future


An Energy Storage Standard for Texas Will Save Money
and Stop Pollution

By requiring storage on the Texas electric system, Texas can:

  • Save money for ratepayers
  • Reduce pollution from power plants
  • Reduce stress on the electric system
  • Turn renewable energy into a 24-hour-a-day power source

Requiring 5% of Texas electricity to be stored actually saves 16% of the state's peak demand on the system, our highest-priced power.

See our brochure for more details.


The Texas Office of Public Citizen is supported in part through Earth Share of Texas' workplace giving.  For more information, click here.

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