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Public Citizen Home Page

     PC Home Page
            Corporate Crime Center
                   Accounting Scandals
                   Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industries
                   Energy and Utility Industries
                   Enron Information Center
                   Corporate Crime in the News
                   Political Influence
            Atomic Road Show
            On-going Campaigns
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            Public Citizen Congressional Vote Charts
            Web Stickers

Health Research Group

     Health Research Group
            Activist Courses
            Drug Information Center
                   Adverse Events
                   Attention Deficit Disorder/ADD
                   Birth Control/Hormones
                   Cancer Drugs
                   Cough, Cold, Allergy & Asthma Drugs
                   Criminal Behavior
                   Diet Drugs/Weight Loss
                   Drug Pricing
                   Erectile Dysfunction
                   Ethics & Clinical Trials
                   Eye Drugs/Ophthalmic
                   FDA Enforcement/Regulation
                   Gastrointestinal Drugs
                   Heart Drugs
                   Infection Drugs/Antibiotics
                   Labeling/Information for Physicians
                   Labeling/Information for Patients
                   Migraine Drugs
                   Mind Drugs
                   Muscle Relaxants
                   Neurological Drugs
                   Osteoporosis Drugs
                   OTC/Over the Counter
                   Painkillers/Arthritis Drugs
                   Pharmacy Compounding
                   Pharmaceutical Promotion
                   Prostate Drugs
                   Skin & Hair Care Drugs
                   Smoking Cessation Drugs
                   Supplements - Dietary, Herbal & Nutritional
            Food Information Center
            Healthcare Delivery Information Center
            Health Links
            Medical Devices Information Center
            Occupational Health Information Center
            Worst Pills, Best Pills
                   Worst Pills, Best Pills News
                   Protect Yourself

Global Trade Watch

     Global Trade Watch
                   Hope for Africa - A Fair Trade Alternative
                   House Fight Against AGOA
                          African Opposition to the "NAFTA for Africa" Bill
                          U.S. Opposition to the 1998 Crane-Lugar Bill
                   Senate Fight Against AGOA
            Peru, Panama & Colombia FTAs
                   Agriculture & Hunger
                   Overview - Colombia FTA
                   Environmental Issues
                   Labor Rights
                   Access to Medicines
                   Overview - Panama FTA
                   Overview - Peru FTA
                   National Security
            Agriculture and Food Safety
            U.S. Bilateral FTAs
                   CAFTA and Agriculture
                   CAFTA and the Environment
                   CAFTA and Labor Rights
                   CAFTA and Access to Medicines
                   Opposition to CAFTA
                   CAFTA and State Procurement
            NAFTA's Chapter 11
                   Investment and FTAA
                   NAFTA Chapter 11 cases
                   Opposition to NAFTA's Chapter 11
            Global Trade Watch en español
                   TLCs con Perú y Colombia
                   Área de Libre Comercio de las Américas (ALCA)
                   Acuerdo Multilateral de Inversión (AMI)
                   Tratado de Libre Comercio EE.UU-Centroamérica (CAFTA)
                          Oposición a CAFTA
                   Tratado de Libre Comercio EE.UU.-Chile
                   Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC)
                   Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte (TLCAN)
            Fast Track
                   Fast Track Debate 2001-2002 Archive
                          The Environment
                          Public Health and Safety
                          Opposition to Fast Track
                          Workers' Rights and Jobs
            Imported Food & Product Safety
            Global Trade Watch en Français
            FTAA - Free Trade Area of the Americas
                   FTAA and Investment
                   FTAA and the Environment
                   FTAA and Agriculture and Food Safety
                   FTAA Ministerials and Events
                          FTAA Ministerial Miami 2003
                          FTAA Ministerial Quito 2002
                   TAKE ACTION - STOP THE FTAA!
                          Action Packets from Allies
                          Opposition to the FTAA
                   FTAA and Workers' Rights and Jobs
                   Harmonization Alert
                   Codex Alimentarius Commission
                   Harmonization Handbook
                   Guide to Harmonization Institutions
                   Mutual Recognition Agreements
                   Principles for International Harmonization
                   Transatlantic Business Dialogue
                   Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue
                   Harmonization of Water Services
            Other Issues
                   Africa Trade Act (AGOA)
                   Alternatives to Economic Globalization
                   Trade with Burma
                   Caribbean Basin Initiative
                   U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement
                   China Trade
                          Democracy v. Corporate Interests
                          China PNTR (archive)
                                 Agriculture and Food Safety
                                 Democracy v. Corporate Interests
                                 Workers' Rights and Jobs
                                 Technical Issues
                   MAI - Multilateral Agreement on Investment
                          Investment Rules and the Environment
                          Investment Rules and Human Rights
                          Expanding Investor Rights
                          National and International Opposition to the MAI
                                 MAI Photo Album
                          Investment Rules and Worker Rights
                          Negotiations and Texts
                   U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement
                   World Economic Forum (WEF)
            NAFTA - North American Free Trade Agreement
                   NAFTA and Farmers and Agriculture
                   NAFTA and Investment (Ch. 11)
                   NAFTA and Environment, Health and Safety
                   NAFTA and Workers' Rights and Jobs
                   NAFTA and Democracy
            NAFTA Expansion Agreements
                   Offshoring and Government
                          Federal Procurement
                          State Procurement
                   How Many Jobs Are Involved?
                   Other Policies Related to Offshoring
                   Offshoring and Privacy Protection
                   Offshoring and WTO Rules
                   Offshoring and National Security
                   Offshoring and Professional Standards
                   Offshoring Politics
            Oman FTA
                   Oman and Labor Rights
                   Oman and Port Security
            Trade as an Election Issue
                   2008 U.S. Elections
            Global Trade Watch no Português
                   Área de Livre Comércio das Américas (ALCA)
                   Organização Mundial do Comércio (OMC)
                   Tratado de Livre Comércio da América do Norte (TLCAN)
            State and Local Governance
                   Commissions and Oversight Committees
                   Fast Track - State Impact
                   The Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee (IGPAC)
                   Associations of State and Local Officials
                          Domestic Regulation Negotiations
                          GATS and Higher Education
                          GATS and Gambling
                          GATS and Health Care
                          GATS and Land Use
                          Trade Texts
                   Spotlight on Your State
            Take Action!
            TRADE Act
            GTW's Vote Charts
            WTO - World Trade Organization
                   WTO and Agriculture and Food Safety
                          WTO and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
                   WTO and Democracy: Dispute Settlement System
                   WTO and the Environment, Health and Safety
                          REACH for Consumer Safety
                          Toxics and Public Health
                   WTO Financial Services Provisions
                   WTO and Services (GATS)
                          Domestic Regulation Negotiations
                          GATS and Higher Education
                          GATS and Gambling
                          GATS and Healthcare
                          GATS and Land Use
                          GATS Sign-on Letter
                   WTO and Investment
                   WTO and Workers' Rights and Jobs
                   Our World Is Not For Sale
                   WTO Ministerials and Events
                          2003 WTO Ministerial Cancun
                                 Civil Society Program
                                 Sept. 13 Day of Action
                          2005 WTO Ministerial Hong Kong
                          1999 WTO Ministerial Seattle
                          2001 WTO Ministerial Qatar

Congress Watch

     Congress Watch
            Campaign Finance Reform
                   Campaign Finance Reform Issues
                          Alleged Violations of Campaign Finance Law
                          Constitutional Issues
                          Party Conventions
                          Disclosure and Electronic Filings
                          Election Administration
                          Free Television Time
                          Hard Money / Individual Contributions
                          Inaugural Ceremonies
                          Internet Issues
                          Issue Ads
                          Non-Profit Campaign Finance (527 Groups)
                          Paycheck Protection
                          Presidential Public Financing
                          Soft Money
                   Campaign Finance Reform Legislation
                          Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA)
                   Campaign Finance Reform Links
                   Key Reports
                   State and Local Reform
            Civil Justice
                          Attorney's Fees
                          Aviation Archive
                          Bush & Your Legal Rights
                          Class Actions/MDL
                          Government Liability: DC Sovereign Immunity
                          No Fault Issues
                          Patients' Bill of Rights
                          Railroad Archive
                          Secrecy and Protective Orders
                          Securities Fraud: Enron Scandal
                          Corporate Special Interests
                                 Chamber of Commerce
                                 Industry Front Groups
                          Teacher Liability
                          Tort Law Issues/Debunking Legal Myths
                                 Media Misrepresentations
                                 Tort Myth Cases
                                 Tort Law Issues/Fact Sheets
                                 Torts and the Economy
                   Medical Malpractice
                   Products Liability
                          Beryllium Legislation
                                 Corporate Profiles
                          Business Liability
                          Firestone Tire & Auto Safety
                          General Products Liability
                          Statute of Repose
                          Pandemic Vaccines and Drugs
            Clean Up Washington
            DeThrone DeLay
            Election Reform
                   Election Reform Archive
            Financial Reform
            Government Ethics and Election Reform
                   Government Reform
                          Lobbying Disclosure
                   Government Ethics
                          Ethics in the US Congress
                          Thomas Scully
                   Revolving Doors
            Government Accountability
                   Baroody Nomination
            Link to Us
            Health Care Reform
                   View Archived Material
                          From the 106th Congress
                                 Allen Bill: Prescription Drug Fairness for Seniors Act
                                 Bush Prescription Drug Proposals
                                 Clinton Drug Benefit Proposal
                                 House Republican Proposal (H.R. 4680)
                                 Prescription Drug Reimportation
                          Drug Company Advertisement and Promotion
                          Breaux-Frist I and II
                          Claritin Drug Patent Extension (H.R. 1598/S. 1172)
                          Columbia University Cotransformation Patent Extension
                          Anti-Competitive Activities of Drug Companies
                          Senator Graham's Medicare Reform Bill
                   Drug Industry: Prices, Profits & Campaign Contributions
                          Campaign Contributions and Lobbying
                          Corporate Profits
                          Prescription Drug Prices
                          Drug Industry R&D
                   Drug Patent Issues
                          Bristol-Myers Squibb and Glucophage
                          Greater Access to Affordable Pharmaceuticals Act (GAAP)
                          Pediatric Monopoly Patent Extension
                   Drugs & Devices: User Fees
                   Protecting Medicare
                   A Prescription Drug Benefit
                          Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit
                          Prescription Drug Reimportation
                   America's Other Drug Problem
                   State Prescription Drug Price Surveys
            Federal Regulations
                   View Archived Material
                          Regulatory Accounting Bills 1999 (S. 59 & H.R. 1074)
                          FDA Rollback 1997 (S. 830)
                          Omnibus Regulatory Roadblock Bill 1999 (S. 746)
                          Regulatory Mandates Information Act 1999 (H.R. 350)
                          Regulatory Rollback 1998 (S. 981)
                          Small Business Paperwork Reduction Act 1999 (H.R. 391)
                   Graham Watch & Bush Administration Threats
                   Cost/Benefit Analysis
                   Library: Federal Laws and Regulations
                   Health, Safety & Environmental Issue Areas
                          NHTSA: Auto/Highway Safety
                          EPA: Environmental Protections
                          FAA: Airline Security
                          FAR Council: Contractor Responsibility Rule
                          FDA: Food & Dietary Supplement Safety
                          HHS: Department of Health and Human Services
                          OSHA: Workplace Safety
                          Workplace Safety
                   OMB Peer Review Proposal
                   Regulatory Harmonization
                   Securities and Exchange Commission
            Special Interest Reports
            Congressional Voting Record
            Corporate Welfare

Litigation Group

     Litigation Group
            About Litigation Group
            Cases and Documents
                   First Amendment
                   Administrative Law
                   Class Actions
                   Preserving Consumer Court Remedies, Access to the Courts
                   Corporate Accountability
                   Election Laws
                          Texas Judicial Campaign Financing
                   Electronic Records
                          Public Citizen v. Carlin
                   FOIA and Government Secrecy
                          Opening Up Historical Records
                          OFAC Settlements
                          Presidential Records
                          Long v. DOJ
                   Health and Safety Regulations
                          Worker Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium
                          Auto and Truck Safety and Related Issues
                   Internet Free Speech
                          Cases Litigated
                   Non-Lawyer Representation
                   Non-Profit Legal Matters
                   Open Court Proceedings/ Challenges to Protective Orders
                   Protecting Constitutional Rights and Requirements
                   Preemption of Consumer Remedies and Related Topics
                   Separation of Powers
                   Union Democracy and Workers' Rights
                          Stone v. Kilmury
            Commentary and Opinion Pieces
            Consumer Justice Project
            Supreme Court Assistance Project (old)
            Employment Opportunities
            FOIA Clinic
            FOIC Archived
            Freedom of Information Clearinghouse
            Schwarm Class Action
            Supreme Court Assistance Project

Energy Program

     Energy Program
            Corporate Control
                   Oil, Natural Gas, and Electric Deregulation
                                 Energy Company Mergers
                                 Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUHCA)
                          Energy Legislation in Congress
                                 The 2005 Energy Bill
                                 The 2007 Energy Bill
                                 Westar Energy Bribery Scandal
                          Enron Information Center
                                 Powered by Greed: Documents Chronicle Enron's Influence
                          Oil and Gas
                                 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
                   Eye On Energy Newsletter
                   Interactive Map of Proposed New Reactors
                   Stopping the Nuclear Relapse
                          Amarillo, Texas
                          South Texas Project, Texas
                          Bell Bend, Pennsylvania
                          Bellefonte, Alabama
                          Elmore County, Idaho
                          Callaway, Missouri
                          Calvert Cliffs, Maryland
                          William States Lee III Nuclear Site, South Carolina
                          Clinton, Illinois
                          Comanche Peak, Texas
                          Operating License Extensions
                          Fermi, Michigan
                          Grand Gulf, Mississippi
                          Shearon Harris, North Carolina
                          Eunice, New Mexico - LES
                          Levy County, Florida
                          Nine Mile Point, New York
                          North Anna, Virginia
                          River Bend, Louisiana
                          V.C. Summer Nuclear Station, South Carolina
                          Turkey Point, Florida
                          Victoria County, Texas
                          Vogtle, Georgia
                   The Case Against Nuclear Power
                                 Price-Anderson Act
                          Decomissioning (Old Reactor Cleanup)
                          Health Impacts
                                 Nuclear Fuel Cycle
                                        Uranium Mining, Milling, and Enrichment
                                 Private Fuel Storage
                                 Radioactive Materials Recycling
                                 Waste Transportation
                                 Yucca Mountain
                                 Wackenhut Conflict of Interest
                   The Case for Renewables and Energy Efficiency
            Food & Agriculture
                   Factory Farms
                          Factory Farm Alert Newsletter
                   Country of Origin Labeling (COOL)
                          Common Agriculture Policy
                                 Germany (ein deutsch)
                                 France (en francais)
                                 Poland (po polsku)
                                 Spain (en espanol)
                          Factory Farms
                                 Germany (ein deutsch)
                                 France (en francais)
                                 Poland (po polsku)
                                 Spain (en espanol)
                          Food Irradiation
                                 Germany (ein deutsch)
                                 France (en francais)
                                 Poland (po polsku)
                                 Spain (en espanol)
                   Food Irradiation - U.S.
                          Food Irradiation Facilities
                          The Honolulu Food Irradiation Facility Campaign
                          Mail Irradiation
                          Safe School Lunches
                   Food Irradiation - International
                          South and Central America
                                 South and Central America - Portuguese
                                 South and Central America - Spanish
                          Australia and New Zealand
                   Mad Cow Disease
                   Meat Safety
                   Open Oceans and Aquaculture
                   Food Sovereignty
            North Anna, Virginia
            Water For All
                   Bottled Water
                   Activists' Guide to Stop Water Privatization
                   Alternatives to Water Privatization
                   Water for All - International
                          Water Privatization Fiascos
                          Reports from around the world
                                 Burkina Faso
                                 Costa Rica
                                 El Salvador
                                 Puerto Rico
                                 South Africa
                                 Sri Lanka
                                 United Kingdom
                          Water Policies and the International Financial Institutions
                                 Water Policies and the Inter-American Development Bank
                   U.S. Water Legislation
                          Congressional Water for the World Resolution
                          Clean Water Trust Fund
                   Corporate Profiles
                   Water and Gender
                   Overview of Water Privatization
                          Who are the major water companies?
                                 American International Group
                                 RWE-Thames Water/American Water Works
                                 Suez-Ondeo/United Water
                                 Veolia Environnement
                          Why oppose privatization of water?
                   Water is a Human Right
                          Pre-Paid Water Meters
                          United Nations and the Right to Water
                   Water and Trade
                   Water for All - Domestic
                          No to Bulk Water Exports
                                 Great Lakes Annex
                                 Cadiz Inc. in California
                                 Nothern California Water Grab
                                 T. Boone Pickens in Texas
                          Fight Municipal Privatizations
                                 Atlanta, Georgia
                                 Emmaus, Pennsylvania
                                 Highland Park, Michigan
                                 Indianapolis, Indiana
                                 Lee, Massachusetts
                                 Lexington, Kentucky
                                 Monterey, California
                                 Newark, New Jersey
                                 New Orleans, Louisiana
                                 Stockton, California
                          Other U.S. Water Struggles
                                 Washington DC: Water Lead Crisis
                                 Detroit, Michigan: Water Cut Offs

Auto Safety

     Auto Safety
            About Auto Safety & Regulatory Policy
            Survivor Advocates Web Portal
                   Survivor Advocates Online Community
                          Action Center
                                 Capitol Hill Basics
                                 Media Tips
                                 Pending in Congress
                                 Pending in NHTSA and FMCSA
                                 Regulation 101
                                 TAKE ACTION
                          Grief and Bereavement Resources
                          Communication Center
                                 Letters to Public Citizen
                                 Listserv Updates Archive
                          Advocate Gallery
                                 Advocate Stories
                                 Activities and Organizations
                                 Upload New Stories
                          Legal Resources
                                 Legal Links
                                 Advocate Referrals
                          News Library
            Air Bags
                   Industry Resistance to Air Bags
                   Nissan Altima Air Bag Defect
            Child Safety in Passenger Vehicles
                   Airbags and Children
                   Federal Child Safety Standards
                   SUVs and Children
                   Power Windows
                   Forgotten Child: Safety Hazards for Children 4-8
                          Anton's Law
                   Shield Booster Seats
            Consumer Protections
                   Hot Fuel
                   Killer Stoves
            Auto Dealer Scam
            Defects and Recalls
                   Fuel Fed Fires
                   Regional Recalls
            Driver Behavior
                   Drinking and Driving
                   Safety Belts
                   Cell Phones and Distracted Driving
                   Primary Enforcement vs. Driver Education
            Fuel Economy (CAFE)
                   Congress and Fuel Economy
                   Manufacturer Hypocrisy and Fuel Economy
                   NHTSA and Fuel Economy
                   Safety and Fuel Economy
                          SUV Safety and Fuel Economy
            Auto Industry Obstruction
                   15-Passenger Van Hazards Concealed
                   Blaming the Victim
                   Chevy Blazer Roof Crush Lawsuit
                   C/K Pickup Gas Tank Recall Resistance
                   Unsafe by Design
                          Roof Crush
                                 GM Roof Crush Documents
                   Early Warning Disclosure Fight
                   Ford Explorer Cover-Up
                   Fuel Economy Lies
                   Industry Media Spending
                   Industry Congressional Funding
                   Manipulation of Consumer Choice
                   Nissan Altima Airbag Defect Denial
                   Revolving Door - Agency to Industry
                   Roof Crush Standard Debacle
                   Whistleblowers Speak Out
            Information & Science
            Legislation in Congress
                   Reauthorization: SAFETEA
                   TREAD Act
            Rulemaking in NHTSA
                   TREAD Act
                          Early Warning Database
                          Point-of-Sale Labeling
                          Reimbursement Prior to a Recall
                          Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
            15-Passenger Van Safety Hazards
            Regulatory Policy
                   Eye on Dudley
                          Dudley's Background
                          The Damage That Dudley Could Do
                          In Her Own Words
                   Failure to Protect
                          Ineffective Enforcement
                          Paralysis by Analysis
                                 Cost-Benefit & Economic Analysis
                                 Performance Measurement
                          Reckless Deregulation
                          Unmet Needs
                          Weak Standards
                   Information & Science
                          Politicizing Science
                                 Data Quality Act
                                 OMB Peer Review Guidelines
                   Public Participation
                          E-Rulemaking & E-Government
                          Special Access for Special Interests
                   Sunset Commissions
                   White House Interventions
                          Distorting Policies: Centralized Regulatory Review
                          Executive Order 13,422 and Bulletin on Guidance
            OMB Proposed Risk Assessment Bulletin
                   Roof Crush and Rollover Information Center
                          Industry Knowledge of Rollover Problems
                          Innovative Directions in Roof Crush
                          Preemption in the Roof Crush Rule
                   Rollover Legislation
                   Rollover Regulation
                   Rollover Prevention
                   Fuel Economy: SUVs
                   Ford Firestone Disaster
                   Incompatibility and Aggressivity
                   Industry Myths about SUVs
                          SUVOA: Industry Front Group
                   Legislation on SUV Safety
                   Regulatory Loopholes
            Action Alerts
            Truck Safety
                   Hours of Service
                   Maine Trucking Plan
                   Mexico-Domiciled Trucks
            Transportation: Clean & Safe Transportation
                   Transportation & the Consumer
                          15-Passenger Vans
                          Buying a Vehicle
                                 Fuel Economy and Emissions
                                 Don't Get Scammed!
                          Consumer Protection & Household Movers
                   The Environment
                          The Search for Alternative Fueling Options
                                 Ford's Flex Fuel Farce
                          Motor Vehicle Emissions
                   The Right to Know
                          Event Data Recorders
                          Point-of-Sale Labeling
                   Transportation: Legislation and Regulation
                   Transportation: Resources
                          Attorney Resource Center
                          Consumer Tips
                          E-Updates on Auto Safety, Fuel Economy & More
                          Incompatibility and Aggressivity
                          Warning Alerts
                                 Rear Safety Belt Reminders
                                 Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
                                 Side Impact Crashes
                          Crash Avoidance
                                        Backover Prevention
                                        Electronic Stability Control
                          Special Issues
                                 Child Backover Prevention

California State Office

     California State Office
            About California Office
            Civil Justice and Legal Rights
            Food Irradiation
                   Background on Irradiated Food
                   School Board Resolutions Against Irradiated Food
            Nuclear Waste
            Global Trade Watch
            Water for All
                   Bottled Water
                   Cal-Am Water Watch
                   California Performance Review
                   Water Desalination
                   Northern California Water Grab
                   Activists' Guide to Water Privatization
                   Water Heist
                   The Napa Proposition
                   Water for All: National and International
                   Proposition 50

Texas State Office

     Texas State Office
            Citizen Advocacy
            About the Texas office
            Legislative and Election Issues
                          Conflicts of Interest
                   Money In Politics
            Consumer Protection & Product Safety
            Electricity, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
                   Distibuted Generation
                   How to Choose a Power Company
                   Case Against Coal-- Texas' Rush to Build New Coal Plants
                   Energy Efficiency
                          Energy Efficiency & Utilities Workshop
                   Renewable Energy
                          Wind Farms and Avian Wildlife
                   Public Utility Commission
            Diesel Clean Up
            Environmental Protection
                   Air Quality Issues in Texas
                   New Source Review
                          ALCOA Suit
            Global Warming
                   Causes of Global Warming in Texas
                   Consequences of Global Warming in Texas
                   Solutions to Global Warming in Texas
            Medical Malpractice
            Product Safety

Global Access to Medicines

     Access Medicine

Commercial Alert

     Commercial Alert

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