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Cost Is Too High

Susan Dudley is an anti-regulatory extremist who is now poised to take control over regulatory policy as the new Bush administration regulatory czar. This investigative report by Public Citizen and OMB Watch reviews Dudley's positions and demonstrates the grave threat she poses to public protections of the public health, safety, civil rights, environment, and other public needs.

Download the report, and stay tuned for more to come!

From the Introduction

"Susan Dudley’s nomination is a threat to the health and safety of the public and the protection of the environment. Her extremist anti-regulatory ideology served well the Mercatus Center’s corporate funders, but it would not serve well the American public. For the reasons detailed in this report, Susan Dudley should not be OIRA administrator. In words Dudley herself would surely understand, the cost is too high."

Read the Report

Download The Cost Is Too High: How Susan Dudley Threatens Public Protections

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