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Alabama Supreme Court Should Lift Gag Order on Customers and Attorney in Exterminator Case
Public Citizen filed a petition late Tuesday urging the Alabama Supreme Court to lift a gag order that prevents more than 100 plaintiffs and their attorney from speaking about a case against an exterminating company.
[Created on: 02/19/2014]

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Litigation Group attorney Scott Nelson on Opposing Supreme Court Review
Litigation Group attorney Scott Nelson on Opposing Supreme Court Review
[Created on: 07/23/2009]

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Wyeth v. Levine and Its Implications
Wyeth v. Levine and Its Implications
[Created on: 05/14/2009]

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The Freedom of Information Act: A User's Guide
This brochure provides a general description of the federal Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") and specific guidelines on how to use it effectively.
[Created on: 11/01/2005]

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Courting Change: The Story of the Public Citizen Litigation Group
Barbara Hinkson Craig Published by Public Citizen Press
[Created on: 06/28/2004]

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