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Public Citizen Decries FERC’s Exclusion of Consumer Advocates From Public Meetings Where Next Generation Energy Markets Will Be Discussed

In a letter today, Public Citizen’s Energy Program criticized the shortcomings of this week’s Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-sponsored (FERC) public technical conference where issues related to state policies and wholesale power markets are being discussed. Public interest consumer advocates were noticeably excluded from the technical panels despite the fact that Public Citizen and other groups submitted applications to speak at this week’s conference.

The exclusion of consumer advocates from technical panels at FERC’s conference comes at a troubling time. The commission’s decision-making appears to be hobbled because it has lacked a quorum since February. The Trump administration has failed to nominate commissioners.

Even prior to its loss of a quorum, the five-member commission declined to act on a year-old petition for rulemaking submitted by 31 public interest organizations urging FERC to create and fund the Office of Public Participation, as required by federal statute. This creates the perception that FERC does not prioritize public interest participation before the commission.

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