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April 26, 2017

Trump at 100 Days: Health Care Proposals Are Wrong Course

Statements From Public Citizen Experts

“Trump has taken the wrong course by backing the congressional Republican proposals that would take away health care from tens of millions of Americans. Instead of rolling back expanded coverage, he should propose a single-payer system that covers everyone and comprehensive reform to address prescription costs that remain far too high.”

- Lisa Gilbert, vice president of legislative affairs, Public Citizen

“Acting to reduce medicine prices is one of the most popular things a sitting president could do today. By wide margins and across party lines, Americans favor serious government action to make medicines affordable. This requires standing up to Big Pharma – which also is a popular stance. The president should make good on his pledges to grant Medicare negotiation powers for the Part D prescription drug benefit and use the government’s power to introduce competition with price-abusing monopolies. Prescriptions represent a rapidly growing share of health care spending. This is a health care reform that people want and need.”

- Peter Maybarduk, director, Public Citizen’s Access to Medicines program


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