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Outrage of the Week

Got 60 seconds?
Our expert staff lets off one minute of steam.
Listen up, then sound off at our action center.

Does the anonymous senator with a "secret hold" on the Senate bill to require electronic filing of campaign finances have something to hide? Public Citizen's Craig Holman is outraged. Listen in. (60-second mp3).
Read more in the Watchdog Blog.


 Public Citizen's Robert Shull is outraged - find out what he has to say about the Bush administration's latest trick with Susan Dudley.
Listen in. (60-second .mp3)


  6,000 ethics officers do what they want and the executive branch ends up with no ethics enforcement. Public Citizen's Craig Holman is outraged.
Listen in (60-second .mp3).
Read about his testimony on Capitol Hill.

There's so much outrage following the distortions in his State of the Union address, it's hard to keep track of what Bush is up to. The director of Public Citizen's Congress Watch division, Laura MacCleery, has one more lie she wants us to know about
Listen in (60-second .mp3).
  Read about the Great Medical Malpractice Hoax.

Hear Dr. Wolfe on HRT.

In the 1970's, Public Citizen demanded more warnings about Hormone Replacement Therapy's (HRT) links to breast cancer. In 1991, Public Citizen said this therapy may be the most recklessly prescribed in history. Listen in as Dr. Sidney Wolfe describes how HRT has been a known danger for decades.
Listen in (60-second .mp3).
Read Dr. Wolfe's statement.

Tyson Slocum (director of Public Citizen's Energy Program) is outraged about plans by the Lame-Duck Congress to take up oil drilling off the U.S. coast.

Tyson Slocum has outrage and a plan.
Listen in (60-second .mp3)
TAKE ACTION: Tell the Lame-Duck Congress to remove drilling from the agenda -- it's just not right.

Public Citizen Global Trade Watch Organizer
David Edeli
mirrors your outrage over a lame-duck Congress planning to act on legislation they didn't dare take up before the election.
Listen In (.mp3 sound file)

David Edeli invites you to get involved, come to Washington, D.C.
Visit lameduckhunt.org.

Public Citizen's Energy Program Director 
Tyson Slocum
says decreasing gas prices before the election are political.
Listen in (.mp3 file)

Tyson Slocum has outrage and a plan.

Public Citizen Attorney Greg Beck
Podcasts on Internet Freedom of Speech
Click here (.mp3 sound file) 
Greg Beck is defending your internet free speech.

Support Public Citizen in keeping government and corporations accountable and protecting your online free speech.

 Aug. 2006: Public Citizen's Energy Guru Tyson Slocum
gives you a preview of his report,
"Hot Profits and Global Warming."
Listen in (.mp3 file)

Tyson Slocum has outrage and a plan.

Tell Members You've Had Enough of Hot Profits & Global Warming
Read the report

 Deborah James has insider news on trade.
July 2006: The World Trade Organization (WTO) was considering an agreement that would have impoverished more people. The talks collapsed but there's pressure already mounting to start again.
Listen in (60-second .mp3 file) as
Public Citizen World Trade Organization Program Director Deborah James gives us the latest and tells us what's next.
Find out where your reps stand.

Public Citizen's Michele Boyd
(Energy Program Legislative Representative)
is outraged that the Bush administration
wants to spend your tax dollars on nuclear reprocessing.

Michele Boyd 
Listen in (.mp3 file) 
It takes less than a minute -- and take action. 

Billions of your tax dollars are being wasted because of a system that allows lobbyists to give piles of campaign money to members of Congress.

These lawmakers then give tax breaks, contracts, loan guarantees, subsidies and regulatory cutbacks to the big industries represented by the lobbyists. Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook is outraged.  Listen in (60-second .mp3 file).
Then visit:
Clean Up Washington.

Tyson Slocum has outrage and a plan.
You are paying $3.00/gallon for gas, utility bills are outlandish, our troops need funding, Katrina clean up is far from done and the oil companies are scheduled to get a tax cut!
Outraged? Tyson Slocum is.
Tyson Slocum, Public Citizen's Energy Program Director is outraged by tax breaks the big oil companies will get.

 Hear Tyson's comments then
tell Members of Congress you are outraged.

 Adina Rosenbaum
Government Secrecy: Public Citizen's Litigation group is defending your right to information the government is not revealing.

Adina Rosenbaum tells us why this work is crucial, "A government that governs in secrecy is just not a democracy.  
Click here to hear more.
Then find out what Public Citizen is doing about government cover ups.

Your confidence in our democracy has been undermined by numerous scandals and outrages here in your nation’s capital.
The Senate must act, and so must you.
Hear how to get back your government
 from Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook and call your Senator.

Corruption, guilt, special interest money, 
languishing legislation for the needy.
Public Citizen Field Director Gordon Clark is outraged.
  Listen in as he shares his outrage and his plea for you to use yours. 
Then visit: Clean up Washington.

Public Citizen Takes and Oath; the Energy Companies Wouldn't Dare:
Get the inside scoop on what happened when
Tyson testified before the
Senate Judiciary Committee: Listen now.
Then tell your Senators to take action to stop price gouging.

How Corruption Seeps into Your Life:
Our parents misery -- and our own -- resulting from
recent health care legislation and spiraling heating costs
caused by a bad energy bill are some of what outrages
Frank Clemente, Director of Congress Watch.
He's also inspired.
Find out why: click here to listen and then visit Clean Up Washington.

Scandals, Corruption, Opportunity:
Public Citizen President Joan Claybrook
invites you to take your place in history.

Listen in then Support Public Citizen.

Presidential Lying and Spying Didn't that go wrong in the '60s and didn't we fix it the '70s? Public Citizen's Scott Nelson, Senior Attorney with the Litigation Group, outrages about President Bush's announcement that he can break the law and will. Listen now.

The poor give to the oil companies, it's a strange new world
and Acting Energy
Director Tyson Slocum rages. Listen now. Ready to speak out? 
Write your Senators.

David Edeli: Bush in Argentina

Hot Issues

» 10/25/05: Joan Claybrook is outraged that our government has been hijacked for corporate interests. Click here to listen.

» 10/19/05: CAFTA's Passage Is an Outrage - Global Trade Watch Director Lori Wallach Inspires Activists Forward

» 10/27/05: JUST IN - Exxon Mobil's Profits Announced -- Critical Mass Energy Program's Tyson Slocum Is Outraged

» 10/21/05: DeLay's Corruption Keeps Outraging Field Director Gordon

» 10/12/05: Our First Outrage -- Congress Watch's Gordon Clark on DeLay

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