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The Alan Morrison
Supreme Court Assistance Project

The Alan Morrison Supreme Court Assistance Project (SCAP) has the unique mission of offering free, pro bono legal assistance at the pre-certiorari stage, both to oppose petitions for certiorari in order to protect public interest victories in lower courts, and also to file petitions for certiorari asking the Supreme Court for review of important open legal questions. SCAP also frequently provides assistance in public interest cases at the merits stage, both helping on briefs and conducting moot courts. Click here for further description.

S.Ct. Watch List

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Statistical Survey for the 2008 Term.

The Supreme Court's 2008 Term ended June 29th when the Court released the final opinions of the Term. In an attempt to quantify the Court’s decisions, Public Citizen’s Supreme Court Assistance Project has gone beyond its usual Watch List to conduct a statistical survey of the Court’s treatment of public interest cases.

Our survey measures how often the Court and each of the Justices decided in favor of expanding individual and environmental rights versus contracting those rights. Via both text and graphs, we examine cases in four categories: Access to Courts and Remedies, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights, and Environmental Claims. The report concludes with a brief discussion of the opinion-drafting assignments in the Term’s most important public-interest cases.

We hope you find our survey interesting and useful.

For a list of all cases granted and decided during the 2008 Term, visit the Supreme Court's website.

2008 Supreme Court Term Statistics

SCAP Annual Report, Fall 2009

SCAP Annual Report, Fall 2008

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