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Corporate Accountability

Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Public Citizen has filed comments with the SEC advocating tough new standards requiring corporate lawyers who discover corporate fraud or illegality to disavow any false or misleading documents they have prepared for their corporate clients.

Nike v. Kasky

In Nike v. Kasky, the Supreme Court will address the question whether Nike's public relations campaign to persuade consumers that its overseas operations are "labor friendly" is protected by the First Amendment against a lawsuit alleging that Nike's statements are false and misleading. Public Citizen has submitted a friend of the court brief urging the Court to affirm the California Supreme Court's decision allowing the lawsuit to go forward. The brief argues that when corporations seek to use false or misleading statements about social issues to sell their products, they are just as subject to government regulation or consumer lawsuits as when they misrepresent more conventional features of their products such as price or quality.

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