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Internet Free Speech

This page is no longer updated - Please click here to visit our NEW Internet Free Speech Page. 

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The rapid growth of the internet and internet technologies provides a renewed opportunity for citizens to have their voices heard on a wide variety of issues, including their government, the corporations that have an increasing role in their economic security, and the unions that represent their labor interests. The internet affords individuals the ability to exchange ideas on these and other issues with an ever-growing world community -- an ability that no citizen in any previous society has had.

Public Citizen has developed a program of litigation and other forms of advocacy which protects the rights of these ordinary citizens against those powerful entities who would seek to curtail or suppress the exchange of ideas and criticism that is enabled by this new technology.

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Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead. But that means we depend on the generosity of concerned citizens like you for the resources to fight on behalf of the public interest. If you would like to help us in our fight, click here.

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