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Presidential Records

Public Citizen has long worked to ensure public access to historical materials of former presidents. The materials below relate to Public Citizen's recent efforts to maintain that access.

Links to Additional Information About the Executive Order on Presidential Records

Public Citizen's Response to President Bush's November 1, 2001 Executive Order on Presidential Records

A recent White House Executive Order threatens to limit access to historical materials of former presidents by granting former presidents veto power over releases of documents that they claim are subject to "executive privilege." Public Citizen has submitted a letter to the House Subcommittee with oversight over such matters explaining that the new Executive Order is contrary to the Presidential Records Act and to prior judicial decisions that limit assertions of "executive privilege."

American Historical Association v. The National Archives and Records Administration

A federal court should order the National Archives to allow public access to presidential records and disregard President Bush's executive order restricting access because the order plainly violates federal law.

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