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Nov. 13 - Cooling the Planet Without Chilling Trade

Washington Post Op-Ed by Lori Wallach and C. Fred Bergsten

Posted: 11/13/2009

Read the full op-ed at the Washington Post

Petition to President Obama: Turn Around the WTO!

GTW Report: Presidential Candidates' Key Proposals on Health Care and Climate Will Require WTO Modifications (PDF)

WTO coverage at Eyes On Trade

More on the WTO

This morning's Washington Post contains an opinion piece on the barriers that WTO rules pose for climate solutions. The authors are an odd couple - GTW's Lori Wallach (longtime fair trade reformer), and the Peterson Institute for International Economics' C. Fred Bergsten (longtime trade agreement promoter). Here's a snippet:

There is a real danger that a collision between climate policy and trade agreements could derail two critical goals: controlling climate change and expanding trade.

But this danger is avoidable.

We are an unusual pair of advocates for this message. For a long time, we and our organizations have been on opposite ends of the debate over trade agreements, disagreeing about their effects on economies, livelihoods and domestic regulations.

But we agree on a surprising number of aspects of the climate-change debate and on the related need to overhaul global trade negotiations, which are stalled by disagreements and the worldwide financial crisis.

The op-ed demonstrates that the WTO must change, for the climate's sake. Similar notions have been floated from sources like the Center for American Progress, Sierra Club and even the WTO's own director general, Pascal Lamy.

Read the full op-ed at the Washington Post.

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