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Christopher Cox is the Wrong Nominee for the Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman

The anti-investor record of Rep. Christopher Cox, President George W. Bush's nominee as chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, should disqualify him from leading the agency.

Public Citizen joins with a broad group of investor advocates, public interest groups, labor unions, social investment funds and investment managers in expressing strong concern over the president's choice of Cox. The United States can ill afford a chairman lacking a distinguished record of investor protection, or a strong record of support for the SEC and its oversight and regulatory responsibilities. This is especially true in the post-Enron era, where some necessary reforms are yet to be enacted, even as pressure builds to relax measures already approved.

On July 25, Public Citizen joined with other groups to voice objections about Rep. Cox, and to release a comprehensive report on Rep. Cox's anti-investor record over his last 16 years in Congress.

Dozens of unions, investor advocates, public interest groups, social investment funds and investment managers have expressed various degrees of concern over the future of the SEC under Bush's nominee or have opposed Cox outright. Here are their statements.

Check back for more statements of opposition.

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