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America's Other Drug Problem:
A Briefing Book on the Rx Drug Debate 

*Updated April 2003

* Note:
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America's Other Drug Problem: A Briefing Book on the Rx Drug Debate is a comprehensive resource guide about the prescription drug issues that are at the center of the legislative debates in Congress and state capitals around the country. 

It includes information on the following topics:

  • The extent and type of prescription drug coverage held by Americans;
  • Facts about the overall increased spending on drugs and rising drug prices, including international price comparisons;
  • The extent of advertising and marketing of prescription drugs, with a special focus on direct-to-consumer advertising;
  • Drug company profits, including a historical analysis and cross-industry comparisons;
  • The cost of researching and developing new drugs, including a critique of industry claims and the therapeutic importance of new drugs;
  • Taxpayer subsidies for the drug industry, including cross-industry comparisons;
  • Patent protections for new drugs and patent extension tricks for older drugs that are used to delay generic competition; and
  • Campaign contributions and lobbying spending by the drug industry.

To view the resource guide, please click here.


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