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Our DeThrone DeLay campaign has been folded into our bolder effort to Clean Up Washington. Please join us in our fight!

• VICTORY: DeLay Resigns! Learn more about it at Clean Up Washington.

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The Charges:
• Unethical Behavior: A look at Tom DeLay's ethics problems, the House's 'neutered' ethics committee and the government ethics community's fight to clean up Congress.

•  Undemocratic Leadership:  A review of DeLay’s authoritarian leadership, under which open debate has been dramatically reduced, alternative proposals are routinely denied a vote and the ability to offer amendments has been sharply curtailed.

The Wit and Wisdom of Tom DeLay

 "I'm still the elected majority leader." 

--Tom DeLay, more than two months after being forced to formally step down from that post following a criminal indictment, Dec. 6, 2005.

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