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During the last session, Congress introduced proposals to eliminate access to the courts for victims of asbestos exposure. Two bills made it to the floor of the Senate, but both failed to gain enough votes to pass.

Public Citizen worked with a coalition of consumer and medical experts to educate Senate staff about the danger of asbestos and the importance of our legal system in fairly compensating individuals injured by corporate negligence.

For more on the dangers of asbestos and why proposals for massive, government-run administrative compensation systems help corporations at the expense of victims, check out some of the documents below.

Fact Sheet: Asbestos Bailout Fund: Check the Facts

Report: Asbestos Cases in the Courts: No Logjam

Video: Dr. Michael Harbut, Co-Director of the Karmanos Cancer Institute, explains how the medical criteria in the proposed asbestos trust fund, S. 852, will prejudice individuals who are sick and dying as a result of exposure to the deadly mineral

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