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Tort Law Issues / Debunking Legal Myths

George Bush

• Visit the Bush Administration and Your Legal Rights page for updated information.

(3/25/01) George W. Bush: A "Deformer" with Results

Tort Law Issues, Fact Sheets and Reports

(3/25/99) Limiting Punitive Damages: What Will Deter Bad Corporate Conduct Now?

Smoking Guns: Corporate Behavior and the Harmful Impact of a Punitive Damages Cap

(7/19/99) Profits Over Lives -- Long-Hidden Documents Reveal GM Cost-Benefit Analyses Led to Severe Burn Injuries; Disregard for Safety Spurred Large Verdict

(4/21/99) Capping Attorneys Fees: A Way To Keep Injured People Out Of Court

(3/25/99) Statutes of Repose: Eroding Protection Against Older Products

(3/25/99) The Collateral Source Rule: Helping to Balance the Scales of Justice

(7/1/97) Discovery Abuse: How Defendants in Products Liability Lawsuits Hide and Destroy Evidence  

(3/25/99) Joint and Several Liability: A Common Law Doctrine Worth Saving  
(3/25/99) Shield Laws: Protecting Corporate Manufacturers at the Expense of Injured Parties

Tort Myth Cases and Fact Sheets

Legal Myths: The McDonald's "Hot Coffee" Case

Legal Myths: The West Virginia "Pickle-Jar" Case

(1/15/01) Department of Justice Study Disproves Tort "Reform" Myths

The Facts About Product Liability Lawsuits

Industry Front Groups and Corporate Hypocrisy

(7/26/00) The CALA Files: The Secret Campaign by Big Tobacco and Other Major Industries To Take Away Your Rights

(4/30/00) The National Association of Manufacturers: A Study in Hypocrisy

(1/1/00) Corporate Shill Enterprise: A Public Citizen Report on Citizens for a Sound Economy, a Corporate Lobbying Front Group

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