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Chamber of Commerce Watch

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has since 2002 periodically run ads that attack the legal system. The ads, which often coincide with elections, are fraudulent and appear designed to provide fodder for Chamber-supported candidates in competitive races and divert the attention of voters away from the continuing wave of corporate fraud.

Press Release: Enforcement Action Sought in Case Stemming From U.S.Chamber of Commerce’s Covert Funneling of $1.5 Million Into Washington Attorney General Race, Oct. 11, 2005.

Statement by Joan Claybrook: Chamber Should Be Held Accountable for Campaign Operations, Oct. 11, 2005.

REPORT: Tom Donohue: U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Oversees Renegade Corporations While Pushing for Limits to Corporate Accountability


(3/11/04) Public Citizen Invites Chamber Head to Debate Over Tort Ads

View the Chamber's Ad on Class Action Legislation
View the Chamber's website, www.lawsuitabusetax.com

Text of the Chamber of Commerce "Lawsuit Abuse Ad"

(9/9/02) Fact Sheet:
How the Chamber of Commerce’s "Lawsuit Abuse Tax" Ad Deceives the Public About the Costs of Lawsuits

(9/9/02) Fact Sheet:
The Chamber’s Class Action Ad Campaign: The Real Facts

(9/9/02) Fact Sheet:
"Corporate Fraud and Abuse Taxes" Cost the Public Billions

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