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Food & Agriculture

Public Citizen is engaged with a wide range of organizations throughout the United States and the world in an effort to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of our food supply, to maintain the integrity of regional and local economies, and to encourage environmentally, economically and socially sustainable agricultural practices.

These organizations include consumer, health, environmental, food sovereignty and social justice groups; government and quasi-governmental agencies; nutrition and health care practitioners; and individuals who share our concerns about the current state and the future of food production.

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Check out The Meatrix
a flash video about meat production


The Meatrix is a collaboration of the  Global Resource Action Center for the Environment (GRACE) and Free Range Graphics.

Also see:
International Meatrix
Italian Meatrix
Polish Meatrix

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Because Public Citizen does not accept funds from corporations, professional associations or government agencies, we can remain independent and follow the truth wherever it may lead. But that means we depend on the generosity of concerned citizens like you for the resources to fight on behalf of the public interest. If you would like to help us in our fight, click here.

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