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The Honolulu Food Irradiation Facility Campaign

Say No to the Cobalt-60 Food Irradiation Facility!

In July of 2005, Pa’ina Hawaii, a fruit company, announced their plan to build a food irradiation facility in Honolulu. They plan to irradiate produce for export using the radioactive material cobalt-60. This facility will bring radioactive material to a high-risk area, as it planned to be adjacent to Honolulu international airport, and near Pearl Harbor, an air force base, and other military sites.  Food irradiation facilities create serious safety hazards, in order to create a largely unwanted product.

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Take Action!

1. If and only if you are a Hawaiian resident, email your representatives and officials today.

2. Download and circulate the hard-copy petition and fact sheet. [PDF] Take it to farmer's markets, health food stores, places of worship, fairs, etc. In particular, pass it out to businesses and residents near the Honolulu airport!

3. Sign the petition online

4. If you are NOT a Hawaiian resident, email the tourist organizations, expressing your opposition to an irradiation facility at the airport.

5. Email ahill@citizen.org asking to be on the Hawaii email list.

Earthjustice Hawaii Hearing Request to NRC:

Read their press release

See the official documents:

Information from the Government:

Other Information:

Federation of American Scientists Report, Dirty Bombs: Response to a Threat

Relevant News Stories:

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