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Agriculture in Europe

What is at stake with agriculture is the future of our food. For this reason, the debate over agricultural policies concerns not only the farmers, but all European citizens.

Yet, the evolution of our current food production and distribution system is not well known and has not been transparent: Do we really want our food to be produced in immense, unsanitary factory farms? Do we want to be dependent on China, the United States or Brazil for our food? Do we want the countryside to be deserted? Do we want to lose tens of thousands of farming and related farm jobs in the midst of a deep European employment crisis?

Public Citizen considers that the industrialization and the globalization of the food production and distribution system benefit neither the consumers nor the farmers, while it threatens our environment. The only beneficiaries are the transnational corporations that are progressively taking control over our food in order to make profits.

Agriculture should provide enough healthy food for all European people, maintain lively rural areas and provide employment for the rural population, while preserving the natural resources (water, soil, air, biodiversity, plants health and animal welfare). Numerous sustainable family farms all over Europe is our best asset to achieve these missions: Let’s defend the Family Farms!

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