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Nuclear Waste Transportation

Transporting nuclear waste is dangerous because of the risk of radioactive release in the event of a crash or attack.  Current proposals to establish nuclear waste facilities at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and Skull Valley, Utah, would send tens of thousands of highly radioactive shipments through 44 states and the District of Columbia. This unprecedented nuclear transportation scheme would threaten the health and safety of millions of Americans near targeted interstates and rail lines.

See links below to see where the waste routes go through your state:

 Alabama  Louisiana  Georgia
 Alaska  Maine Ohio 
 Arizona  Maryland  Oklahoma
 Arkansas  Massachusetts  Oregon
 California  Michigan  Pennsylvania
 Colorado  Minnesota  Rhode Island
 Connecticut  Mississippi  South Carolina
 Delaware Missouri  South Dakota
 Florida  Montana  Tennessee
 Georgia Nebraska  Texas
 Hawaii Nevada  Utah
 Idaho   New Hampshire  Vermont
 Illinios  New Jersey  Virginia
 Indiana  New Mexico  Washington
 Iowa  New York  West Virginia
 Kansas  North Carolina  Wisconsin
 Kentucky  North Dakota  District of Columbia


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