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"Recycling" Radioactive Material

The nuclear industry and federal agencies want to "dispose" of large amounts of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants and weapons facilities by releasing it into community landfills, building materials, and even consumer products, without the knowledge or consent of the public. Rather than paying to isolate radioactive waste, the generators hope to save money - or even profit - by dumping it or selling it commercially. Public Citizen opposes this agenda, which would unnecessarily expose the public to increased radiation risks. We advocate for stringent laws and regulations to keep nuclear waste securely isolated from people and the environment.

A decade after similar efforts were stopped by Congress and the public, the NRC is back trying to deregulate and release low-level radioactive waste from the nuclear industry. Specificially, NRC is proposing to dump low-level radioactive waste into local landfills, as well as into recycled materials such as concrete and metal, which are used throughout cities and suburbs. As radioactive material is hazardous to human health, such dumping should not be allowed in our communities.

Letter Signed by 116 National, State, and Local U.S. Groups Telling NRC Not to Proceed With This Policy




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