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Elmore County, Idaho

Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc., (AEHI) announced in December of 2006 its intent to construct and operate a 1,600-megawatt reactor approximately 50 miles from Boise. The company’s CEO has said that they intend to take advantage of the enormous federal subsidies enacted by the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

AEHI has not yet taken any steps to begin filing its application to the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission although it is listed on the NRC's web site as having indicated its intent to file one by the end of this calendar year.

They have indicated that they will submit an application for Areva's Evolutionary Power Reactor (EPR). The EPR is the same design proposed by UniStar in Maryland.  The application could cost as much as $30-50 million according to estimates for similar plants specifying an Areva EPR. The current cost estimates for constructing the EPR in Maryland have risen to nearly $10 billion.

The AEHI purports that it intends to provide a small portion of the energy generated to power local irrigation efforts; however, the majority would be sold to the highest bidder on the interstate electricity market. Due to current market rates, it is more than likely that the power generated in Idaho will be exported to California. Therefore, local Idaho residents will bear all the associated risks of nuclear power while being denied access to power produced in their own state.

In April, 2007 AEHI announced its partnership with local businessman James Hillard, who had offered 4,000 acres of land to the project.  However, in April, 2008, AEHI had to abandon the site of the proposed nuclear reactor from Owyhee County to nearby Elmore County 15 miles upstream from the original location. AEHI stated that underground faults at the Owyhee site would add to construction expenses which made the site less attractive.

Several publications have reported that AEHI's financial stability is extremely shaky. AEHI had a net loss of $3.4 million in 2007, leaving it with assets worth $324,431.

We need YOU to get involved to help raise public opposition to this costly and unnecessary reactor!  Contact Allison Fisher of Public Citizen at (202) 454-5176 for more information, or the Snake River Alliance at snakeriveralliance.org.

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