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Stopping the Nuclear Relapse: Map of New Reactor Proposals

The nuclear industry is aggressively seeking to license and build the first new nuclear reactors in a generation. Toward this end, nuclear companies have sought public approval by disingenuously presenting this energy source as clean, renewable and necessary to deal with global warming, environmental degradation and dwindling petroleum resources. In fact, nuclear energy is neither clean nor a solution to our energy problems. It is prohibitively expensive (the nuclear industry has said that it can’t build these reactors without massive tax subsidies) and no one has figured out what to do with the deadly radioactive waste that is piling up around the country.

Still, energy companies already are pursuing permits to build and operate 34 new reactors throughout the country. Despite the prohibitive cost and fatal flaws of  nuclear power, 17 applications to build new nuclear reactors have been submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Public Citizen, through its Energy Program, is actively debunking nuclear industry propaganda while vigorously working to promote viable energy solutions. Get involved in stopping the nuclear relapse by contacting Public Citizen’s Energy Program and taking action on our latest campaign. Please also consider supporting our work.

Click on the map to learn if your state is considering expanding nuclear power:


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