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The monthly newsletter from the Critical Mass Energy Team

November 2005 (PDF)

  • EPA Holds Public Hearings on Proposed Yucca Radiation Rule
  • Energy Department Criticized for Bechtel Bonus
  • Reprocessing: Another Bad Idea for Dealing with Nuclear Waste
  • Offshore Oil Company Based in DeLay's District Gets Taxpayer Grant
  • NRC Commissioners Force Licensing Board to Consider Environmental Impacts of Depleted Uranium Waste

October 2005 (PDF)

  • Independent Investigation Sought on Yucca’s Falsified Data
  • Gas Prices, Gas Prices, Gas Prices
  • Private Fuel Storage Approved for Highly Radioactive Waste in Utah  
  • NuStart is a Bad Start
  • DeLay Goes Down

September 2005 (PDF)

  • The Ever Rising Price of Gas
  • Lax Radiation Standards Proposed for Yucca Mountain
  • Westar Energy Fined for Illegal Contributions to Congress
  • New Nuke for North Carolina?
  • New Power Plants Could Pollute Bush's Crawford Ranch

August 2005 (PDF)

  • Senate Approves Energy Bill
  • Celebrities Speak Out on Capitol Hill Against Nuclear Power
  • Latest Round of Exelon Merger Fight
  • Public Citizen Exposes New Mexico Company's Flawed Radioactive Waste Disposal Plan

July 2005 (PDF)

  • Energy Bill Passes in Senate; Heads to Conference with House
  • “No Nukes” Message in Mississippi
  • NRC Puts Hold on Deregulating “Low-Level” Radioactive Waste
  • Senate Rejects LNG Veto Amendment
  • FERC Approves Energy Merger

June 2005 (PDF)

  • Senate Energy Committee Passes Another Energy Bill
  • Utah Denied Appeal on PFS
  • LNG Facility Must be Strongly Regulated
  • Update on Exelon-PSEG Merger
  • House Proposes Interim Storage of Nuclear Waste at DOE Sites

May 2005 (PDF)

  • Terrible Energy Bill Passes House Once Again
  • Hundreds Gather to Debate New Reactor in Illinois
  • Bush Touts “New” Energy Plan
  • Davis Besse Fine is Too Little, Too Late
  • Who’s to Blame for High Gas Prices?
  • “Low-Level” Waste Proposal Advances

April 2005 (PDF)

  • Eye on Yucca Mountain
  • It's baaack!!! (The Energy Bill)
  • Consumer Groups File Motion to Intervene in Exelon Merger
  • The Power of the Public Utility Holding Company Act
  • Public Citizen Urges Nuke Agency to Withdraw Secrecy Proposal

March 2005 (PDF)

  • Public Citizen Presents Case against Nuclear Fuel Plant
  • Community Speaks Out on New Reactors in Virginia
  • Merger Opposition Heats Up
  • PEPCO Update
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain

February 2005 (PDF)

  • Eye on Yucca Mountain
  • Regulators Put Depleted Uranium in 'Low-level' Radioactive Waste Category
  • NRC Takes Comments on New Reactor Environmental Impact
  • PFS Decision Expected
  • Investing in Energy: Who’s Doing It?

January 2005 (PDF)

  • Court Allows NRC to Hold Informal Public Hearings in Reactor Licensing Proceedings
  • NRC Restricts Public’s Access to Info in License Proceeding
  • New Energy Secretary Nominated
  • Senator’s Wife Resigns
  • Public Citizen Wins Right to Cross-Examine Witnesses in Merger Hearing

December 2004 (PDF)

  • Congress Sparks Controversy Over LNG Facilities
  • Domenici adds pro-LES measure to spending bill
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain
  • Taxpayers Pay Huge Subsidy to Nuke Power
  • 5 Groups Sue DOT For New Nuke Transport Rules
  • PEPCO Hikes Rates in D.C. Area

November 2004 (PDF)

  • Corporate Giveaways in Corporate Tax Bill
  • Groups Oppose Limerick Security Flaws, License Extension
  • NRC Blocks Public Web Access to Agency Documents
  • Public Citizen Seeks Right to Challenge Giant Energy Merger
  • Bush Administration Leaves Nuclear Plants Vulnerable

October 2004 (PDF)

  • Virginia’s Energy Future Debated
  • Congress Lax on Nuclear Security Legislation
  • Court Case Forces NRC to Conduct Public Rulemaking
  • Groups Charge NRC (Again) with Illegally Eliminating Public Participation
  • Ninth Circuit Reverses FERC on Refunds
  • Recent Mergers Causing High Gas Prices

September 2004 (PDF)

  • NRC Restricts Public Access to Nuclear Security Information
  • Government Guts Environmental Justice Policy
  • NRC Enfeebles Role of State in LES Case
  • NRC Rules on Admission of Contentions to ESP Hearings
  • Public Citizen Appeals Licensing Board Denial in Mississippi Case
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain
  • Reliant Update

August 2004 (PDF)

  • Court Overrules Government’s Lax Radiation Standards for Nuclear Waste at Yucca Dump
  • Government Affirms Role of Citizens’ Groups in Licensing Hearing of Nuclear Plant
  • Public Citizen Urges Maryland to Strengthen Licensing Process for Power Providers
  • Public Citizen Challenges FERC’s Authority to Let the “Market” Set Rates
  • Our Two Cents: Revisiting the Blackout

July 2004 (PDF)

  • NRC Hears Arguments Against Early Site Permits for New Nuclear Reactors
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain: Congress Wrangles Over Yucca Funding
  • Public Citizen Defends Its Case Against Uranium Enrichment Company Before Government Judicial Board
  • Public Citizen Urges Government to Revoke Contract With Reliant
  • New Economic Analysis: Coalbed Methane Will Cost Billions of Dollars
  • Victory For Electricity Consumers In South Korea!
  • DOE Pushes for Nuclear Hydrogen

June 2004 (PDF)

  • Eye on Yucca: DOE Faces Funding and Licensing Obstacles
  • Congress Moves to Reclassify, Abandon High-level Radioactive Waste in South Carolina, Idaho, and Washington
  • Public Citizen Representative Testifies at Congressional Hearing on
    Gas Prices
  • Government Affirms Public Citizen's Role in Licensing of Nuke Plant
  • Energy and Engineering Companies Bite at DOE's Offer to Help Fund
    Applications for New Nuclear Power Plants
  • Public Citizen Advises Government on Environmental Review of Yucca
    Mountain Railroad Project

May 2004 (PDF)

  • Coalition Including Public Citizen Files with the NRC to Block "Early
    Site Permits" for New Nuclear Reactors
  • NRC Chides DOE on Yucca Waste Dump
  • PUHCA in Peril: Federal Law Slated for Repeal Prevents Energy Cartel
  • Federal Government Predicts Increased Reliance on Fossil Fuels
  • Senate Considers Corporate Tax Bill Containing Energy Tax Breaks

April 2004 (PDF)

  • Davis-Besse Restarted and Shut Down in 24-Hour Period
  • Three Mile Island Anniversary
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain: DOE Subjected to Lawsuits over Yucca Repository
  • PUHCA in Peril: Speculating On Our Public Utilities
  • Public Citizen Urges U.S. House Committee to Pursue Ethics Complaint against Rep. Tom Delay

March 2004 (PDF)

  • Latest Energy Bill is "Same Old Story"
  • Paying at the Pump: Petroleum Industry Mergers Contribute to High Gas Prices
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain: Former Yucca Workers Afflicted with Chronic Lung Disease Silicosis
  • Embattled Nuclear Fuel Company Seeks License for New Mexico Plant

February 2004 (PDF)

  • Energy Bill Still in Gridlock
  • Green Hydrogen Coalition Brings Together Prominent Environmental Groups
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain: Federal Court Hears Arguments in Suit against DOE, NRC, and EPA over Yucca
  • Yucca Oversight Board Chair Resigns
  • Health Risks for Yucca Mountain Workers
  • Opposition Strengthening Against Grand Gulf Site Permit for New Nuke in Mississippi

January 2004 (PDF)

  • Energy Bill in Gridlock
  • Davis-Besse Still Inactive
  • North Anna Early Site Permit Application Challenged
  • Eye on Yucca Mountain: Congress Approves $580 million for Yucca Project
  • NRC Bows to Industry Pressure to Weaken ‘Environmental Justice’ Policy

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