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Newark, New Jersey

In February 2003, the Newark City Council decided to sell its water utility to a newly formed non-profit corporation, the Newark Infrastructure Management Corporation (NIMaC), in order to free up some extra cash for the city. NIMaC would have to borrow heavily to fund the deal and would likely hit water customers with higher rates to pay off the debt. In addition, the pressure of the huge debt load could have prompted unwise workforce reductions, resistance to invest in infrastructure and maintenance, or other cost-cutting measures that could harm water service and quality. The Water for All Campaign worked with citizens of Newark to change the vote. After intense lobbying and awareness creation in Newark the City Council axed the program in a 7 to 2 vote in October 2003 after acknowledging the serious downsides to privatization.

In the News:

May 5: Council clears first water, sewer fee hikes in 14 years

October 2: Newark Council rescinds Mayor James' water plan
September 18: Mayor James' plan to operate water utility loses steam
July 8: Newark 'drink-in' protests water plans
February 2: Newark Water privatization plan too risky, analyst says

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