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Lexington, Kentucky



Citizens denied vote in Lexington.

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When the Urban County Council voted to seek public control of Lexington’s water utility, the German conglomerate RWE helped elect to the Council candidates who would reverse the decision. Then, when citizens gathered 28,000 signatures to put the issue to a public vote—far more than the 18,300 needed—RWE sued. Not satisfied with controlling just the water system, RWE has attempted to control citizens’ voting rights as well.

But BluegrassFLOW (For Local Ownership of Water) and LUVLexington (Let Us Vote) continue to prove that local ownership is in the public’s interest. They won the lawsuit, and are confident that they will win RWE’s appeal.

Now, community activists are gearing up for the decisive November 8 vote. Joined by three Green Corps organizers, those supporting local ownership of water are building a powerful grassroots movement. They have organized phonebanks, neighborhood walks, and literature drops to raise awareness and to get out the vote. In Lexington, there’s no stopping the FLOW!

For more information see Bluegrass FLOW's website, and Let Us Vote Lexington.

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