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Indianapolis, Indiana

USFilter, the US subsidiary of Veolia (formerly Vivendi Environnement), was awarded a ~$1 billion 20-year contract to operate the Indianapolis water system in 2002, the largest water privatization contract in the United States. USFilter labels Indianapolis as their great success stories, yet the company’s tendency to cut corners has caught the attention of local environmental, community and labor groups. Public Citizen is now partnering with these groups to ask Mayor Bart Peterson to cancel the contract with USFilter and put control of the water company in the public trust.

In the news:
Oct. 7: Water company awash in controversy
Oct. 5: City has ordered new tests of drinking water's quality 
Oct. 4: Water system under state, federal scrutiny 
Oct. 3: Water test results probed 
July 27: More bad news for Veolia - Demand for investigation grows
July 6: Veolia over troubled water
July 2: Ex-worker files suit against utility 
Jan. 8: No fines likely for water company

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