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Bechtel Group Inc., one of the lead contractors in the reconstruction of Iraq, has a 100-year history of capitalizing on environmentally unsustainable technologies and reaping immense profits at the expense of societies and the environment. Bechtel is involved in troubling operations in the water, nuclear, energy and public works sector. Their track record documents a trail of environmental destruction, disregard for human rights and financial mismanagement of projects that have affected communities all over the world. The several multimillion-dollar contracts awarded by the U.S. government to reconstruct devastated Iraq covers key elements of that country’s infrastructure, including electrical grids, water and wastewater systems. These contracts do not bode well for the people of Iraq.

Read the reports:
Corporate profile: Bechtel: Profiting from Destruction. Why the Corporate Invasion of Iraq Must be Stopped pdf document [582 KB]
Report: Bechtel's Dry Run - Iraqis suffer water crisispdf document [84 KB]

In the News:

December 2: Lawmakers grill Big Dig managers on problems with leaks
October 14: A Nice Little War to Fill the Coffers
May 7: Rumsfeld's Old Flame
May 5: Inside Bechtel's spin machine: How the controversial construction giant manipulates media
April 17: Bechtel nowhere near done. Reconstruction in Iraq going slowly -- airports patched up, but water, power way behind

August 23: Private droughts: The poor are not profitable, and foreign firms are pulling the plug
April 28: The Spin Doctor Is In: Examining Corporate PR at Bechtel
May 12: Bechtel And Blood For Water: War As An Excuse For Enlarging Corporate Rule
April 24: Bechtel's Friends in High Places
April 18: Bechtel Has Ties in Washington, and to Iraq
March 25: Bechtel to get richer in post-war Iraq

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