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Water and Gender

Gendered Perspectives on Water Privatization: Case Studies from around the World

While, in most countries, the brunt of the responsibilty for the procurement of household water weighs most heavily on women, it is their voices that rarely are heard. Public Citizen, in cooperation with WEDO (Women's Environment and Development Organization), organized a collection of case studies written by women around the world which articulate the struggles associated with water procurement in different countries. Everyday, the woman's task of providing her family with water is complicated by privatization, environmental degredation, interference by the World Bank and IMF,  unresponsive water authorities, and so on -- with innumerable consequences ranging from thirst to disease to domestic violence. These narratives can detail the successes of women's solidarity and cooperation or the misfortune of disempowerment, but all underline the important and central role which women play in the provision of water to people.

In the News:

August 12: Women still at the bottom of the heap 

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