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The Fox administration is trying hard to push forward the water privatization agenda in Mexico. But in a country that has had 20 years of neo-liberal policies imposed by national government and the IMF and World Bank, privatization is very unpopular. The fight against privatization in electricity, transportation and petrol has been unrelenting. Last year the World Bank gave Conagua (the National Water Commission) a $250 million loan to create a program called PROMAGUA. PROMAGUA has an infrastructure financing fund that provides loans to municipalities to upgrade and expand their water systems if they negotiate public private partnerships (read privatization), reform their state water laws, and impose full cost recovery. There are a number of cities with major privatization contracts including Puerto Vallarta, Aguascalientes, and Cancun. There are smaller service contracts in a number of major cities such as Puebla and Mexico City. And, the PROMAGUA infrastructure fund will be pushing many more new privatization contracts.

Mexico's Water for Sale? French Multinational Wants Mexico's Water (PDF or HTML)

In the News:
August 2004: The Struggle For Latin America's Water

Water for All initiated a new collaborative website to help coordinate our global campaign focusing on the water transnational, Suez. The website is tri-lingal and collects information regarding the abuses, problematic projects, community protests, and exploitative policies of Suez, Go to:
English - www.stopsuez.org
Spanish - www.fuerasuez.org
French - www.arretonssuez.org

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