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Demand that COCA-COLA Stop stealing Water! 
A formidable grassroots struggle has emerged in India to hold Coca-Cola accountable for its crimes- creating severe water shortages, polluting the water and soil and distributing toxic waste to farmers as "fertilizer".
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India has a long history of community control over water resources. For many years the British colonial power tried to break the traditional community control – and today India, as many developing nations, is experiencing pressure to privatize public services, such as water. But the Indian people have risen to the occasion and are proposing development models that include equal rights to resources.

In the past 5 years conflicts have escalated. Water shortages have led to massive dam constructions. Uncontrolled industrial development pollutes the scarce water resources and hedonistic development models exacerbate what is left. The result is increased scarcity and rising consumer prices that hit the poor hard. But people are rising against such constructions that are displacing thousands from their livelihoods and are increase global warming.


Many prominent India citizens have joined the protests, amongst them Vandana Shiva and author Arundhati Roy. They are calling for environmental and social justice. Their claim is that the focus on globalization and privatization lead to increased inequality, poverty, hunger and despair.

The Indian people are rejecting uncontrolled growth and corporate control. Instead they are claiming their right to self-determination.

The controversy over large dams on the Narmada river has come to symbolise the struggle for a just and equitable society in India. To read more about the Narmada dams and the growing movement that challenge the dam construction click here.

Public Eye on Public Services - Delhi Water Reform website
Coca-Cola Company: Inside the Real Thing (Polaris Inst.) pdf document
Factsheet on People's Forum against Coca-Cola pdf document

In the News:
Sept. 16: Kerala Government joins community in challenging Coke’s use of water 
Aug. 16: Coca-Cola Protesters Attacked By Police; Four Hospitalized
Aug. 14: After privatisation of power, a 'secret deal' now on water?Aug.: Privatisation of Delhi’s water supply: There’s a hole in the bucket
Aug. 10: Communities Oppose Proposed Coca-Cola Bottling Plant 
Jul. 29: World Bank rebuked over water deal
Jul. 22: Indian State Takes Coca-Cola to Court; Sales Drop 14% in Summer
Jul. 21: Delhi Water Disputes Come to a Boil
Jul. 14: Buy water, drink bacteria
Jul. 12: Coca-Cola Threatens Top Indian Photographer with Lawsuit
Jun. 17: Sonia Vihar plant a tough jinx to crack
Jun. 9: 500 Arrested in Rally Against Coca-Cola in India
May 24: Water Wars and Bottle Battles
May 16: Don't Poison My Well
May 5: Kerala district calls for removal of PepsiCo plant 
Apr. 27: Village Council Rejects Coca-Cola's Application to Resume Operations
Apr. 19: Coke causes drought in India, farmers protest
Apr. 16: How Coca-Cola Gave Back to Plachimada
Mar. 29: Coca-Cola Not Shutting Plachimada Plant, Despite Reports
Mar. 23: No stopping the World Bank
Mar. 6: Parched village sues to shut tap at Coke Drought-hit Indians say plant draining groundwater
Jan. 19: A Nation wide Quit India Campaign against Coke and Pepsi

Jan. 13: Community Commemorates Thousand Day Anniversary of Vigil Against Coca-Cola in Kerala
Jan. 4: Coca-Cola Greeted with Protest in New Year

Dec. 15: Water Tariff Increase: Rushing Towards Water Privatisation
Dec. 9: Government decision will help cola firms
Dec. 6: Disclose pesticide content in colas: Supreme Court to Coke, Pepsi
Nov. 29: Plachimada Refuses to Become Another Bhopal
Nov. 25: Activist hedge fund targets Coke
Nov. 25: Police Attack Coca-Cola Protest, Over 350 Arrested
March and Rally to Shut Down Coca-Cola Plants November 15-24
Nov. 15: Coca-Cola Spins Out of Control in India
Oct. 23: Coke Lacks Fizz for Farmers in Mehdiganj
Coca-Cola Accountability Tour, UK October 6-27, 2004
Sept. 24: Rising Struggles, Falling Water
Jun. 5: Rajasthan Villagers Demand Closure of Coca-Cola Plant
Apr. 14: Coke vs People: The Heat is On in Plachimada
Mar. 23: Indians Fight Moves to Privatize Water
Feb. 6: Coca-Cola banned from ground water takings
Jan.: People's Forum Against Coca-Cola Image Gallery
Jan. 31: Coke with Yet Another New Twist: Toxic Cola

Dec. 12: Privatisation and commercialisation on water services in India
Dec. 12: World Bank and ADB’s Role in Privatizing Water in Asia
Jul. 10: Communities Reject Coca-Cola in India
Jul. 10: Coke in Varanasi: Facing Local Ire
Jul. 10: Coca-Cola: Continuing Battle in Kerala
Jun. 25: Suez – Degremont Kills Indian Workers
Jun. 25: Activists blame Suez-Degremont for worker deaths
Jun. 21: How Coke Arm-Twisted the Indian Government
Jun. 20: Communities Protest Coca-Cola in Tamil Nadu
Jun. 7: Growing Resistance Against Coke and Pepsi
Jun. 5: Villagers Blame Coca Cola for Water Woes in Thane
May 15: From Water Wars to Water Democracy

Dec. 1: Coke and Pepsi Vandalize the Himalayas
Jul. 31: Water Privatization in India
Jul. 20: Coke: The Arrogance of a Multinational
May 28: No Water? Drink Coke!
May 13: Coca-Cola Bends Rules in India

Water for All initiated a new collaborative website to help coordinate our global campaign focusing on the water transnational, Suez. The website is tri-lingal and collects information regarding the abuses, problematic projects, community protests, and exploitative policies of Suez, Go to:
English - www.stopsuez.org
Spanish - www.fuerasuez.org
French - www.arretonssuez.org

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