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France is the birthplace of popular versions of lease/contracting (affermage) water privatization, and the World Bank and French corporations have sought to export this damaging privatization practice to scores of countries. Today, France is home to some of the biggest corporate water privateers in the world, SuezVivendi and SAUR.

Corporate Profiles of French water corporations

In the News:

February 5: Defending the Internal Water Empire
February 4: Water and Power: The French Connection

March 22: French Firms Spearhead Water Privatization

Water for All initiated a new collaborative website to help coordinate our global campaign focusing on the water transnational, Suez. The website is tri-lingal and collects information regarding the abuses, problematic projects, community protests, and exploitative policies of Suez, Go to:
English - www.stopsuez.org
Spanish - www.fuerasuez.org
French - www.arretonssuez.org

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