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Instituto de Ecologia y Desarrollo de las Comunidades Andinas (The Ecology and Development Institute of Andean Communities IEDECA).

IEDECA works with indigenous communities and small farmers to develop sustainable livelihoods and environmentally sound productive relationships with the natural environment -- water, soil and forests. IEDECA has been concerned about World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank irrigation projects that promote increased cost recovery and privatization. IEDECA has developed alternative proposals for a National Fund for Small Farmer Irrigation and Soil Recuperation. Recently, the World Bank s private sector investment guarantee agency, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA), backed its first ever water privatization project in Guayaquil, Ecuador by providing a $18 million guarantee to the Bechtel subsidiary, International Water Services. IEDECA and other citizen s organizations will be monitoring the impact of the privatization on workers, public health, and access to safe, affordable water.

In the News:

August: The Struggle For Latin America's Water
Workers Contest the Process of Privatization in Guayaquil, Ecuador

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