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After the frustrating and postponed approval of federal legislation designed to open the door to privatization of Brazil’s sanitation sector, the World Water Council and its Global Vision 21, which represent the interests of large transnational corporations, are silently carrying out the "water conquest."

How? Through operations that guarantee return on investment with no risk, like securing fixed assets in profitable areas and acquiring municipal concessions in the sanitation sector. Deals characterized by public-private partnerships (PPPs) and Build, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) agreements combine concessions and long-term contracts allowing private companies to control individual units of the sanitation sector and get hold of the revenues of state-owned sanitation companies.

Thus, without being shareholders, they will obtain a competitive advantage upon the sale of the assets or the privatization of these state-owned sanitation companies. Capturing the favor of politicians by placing them on the advisory boards of these companies is already a serious reality.

In addition, loans from state banks in Bahia and Pernambuco are conditioned on the sale of shares of the state-owned sanitation companies. In the state of Tocantins, the public company, which has a private partner, managed consumer water payments by through a pre-paid (plastic card) metering system.

Therefore, in order to guarantee water for all and social justice, it is necessary to have public financing, social control, efficient public management and commitment to life sustainability. We are fighting for this in Brazil!

In the News:
August 2004: The Struggle For Latin America's Water

Water for All initiated a new collaborative website to help coordinate our global campaign focusing on the water transnational, Suez. The website is tri-lingal and collects information regarding the abuses, problematic projects, community protests, and exploitative policies of Suez, Go to:
English - www.stopsuez.org
Spanish - www.fuerasuez.org
French - www.arretonssuez.org

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