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Public Citizen's energy program advocates for clean and sustainable energy.  We safeguard consumers from the impacts of electricity deregulation,  educate the public on the dangers of nuclear power while encouraging responsible nuclear waste management, and fight against environmental degradation by promoting clean energy alternative.

The Energy Program Call to Action: Call on Senate to Stand Up to Polluters:

Last week, another milestone was reached in the passage of climate legislation. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW) voted in favor of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act. While a few key provisions to protect households and families were included in the bill that passed out of the EPW, the bill still fails to hold polluters accountable and falls short of empowering locally controlled sustainable energy.

Keep the Pressure On!  We are calling on the Senate to improve this legislation by stripping out the corporate giveaways and including strong protections for struggling energy consumers and the environment. Click here to tell the Senate to stand up to special interests and take care of consumers. 

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Despite efforts to portray nuclear power as clean, safe, and renewable, its not. Read about where new reactors have been proposed, what you can do to stop them, and how renewable energy is a better alternative to meet our energy needs.
Learn more about how the proposed nuclear waste dump in Nevada is riddled with environmental, security, and financial concerns.
The Bush Administration has recently proposed a "Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP)" based on reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. Learn about the environmental contamination and proliferation risks of reprocessing, its high cost, and why this technology will not solve the waste problem.
Following years of deregulation and the recent repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUCHA), a wave of mergers is occuring. Learn how consumers and communities are threatened by this trend.

Hot Issues

Feb. 16 - Government Loan for Georgia Nuclear Reactors Is Terrible for Taxpayers – Guarantee Program Should Be Scrapped

Jan. 29 - Energy Director, Tyson Slocum Visits William and Mary to Talk Renewables

Dec. 11 - New Senate Climate Change Bill Is Superior Starting Point

Nov. 18 - EPA Should Use Clean Air Act to Address Climate Change

Nov. 4 - Senate Climate Change Bill Won’t Wean Us Off Fossil Fuels, Fails to Hold Polluters Accountable

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