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  The Napa Proposition

  Usurping Democracy

In July 2003, just months after the seven-year lawsuit challenging the Monterey Amendments by a coalition of environmentalists, public advocates, and one State Water Project contractor was settled, the participants in the Monterey meetings met again, this time in Napa. The agreement that resulted from these meetings—called the Napa Proposition—plans to further integrate the SWP and the federal Central Valley Project (CVP).

Such integration will allow landowners, principally in the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California, to trade off the federal project’s superior storage capacity and the state project’s greater pumping capacity with one goal in mind: to continue pumping water to agribusinesses, developers, and water marketing barons in Southern California, unabated by either federal or state endangered species acts, water quality issues in the Delta, or the unmet needs of communities in the Central Valley that don’t have access to clean drinking water.

 Voice your opposition to pumping more water from the Delta!

Renegade water exports threaten the future of the Bay-Delta Region and all those who depend on it.

Call or email Lester Snow, the newly appointed director of the Department of Water Resources and express your hopes that his leadership will mark a period of collaboration and partnership with all stakeholders in forging a sustainable future for California's Water Resources.

  • Contact Lester Snow, Director of the Department of Water Resources, and ask him to stop the pumping increases resulting from the Napa Proposition, at (916) 653-7007 or at ddeanda@water.ca.gov

State Senator Mike Machado(D-Linden), as chair of the Senate Agriculture and Water Resources Committee, has the ability to direct the ongoing debate of water policy and usage. Urge him to work to halt these new increases in Delta Pumping!

  • Voice your opposition to the Napa Proposition by calling Senator Machado's office at (916) 323-4306.



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