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Cadiz, Inc.

Major Victory for California Consumers and Environmentalists
Cadiz Water Privatization Project Permanently Stopped!

A very big "thank you" to everyone who helped "Stop Cadiz Without Delay"! Working together, we have prevented water privatization from gaining momentum in Southern California!

The Controversial Cadiz Water Project:   

A plan to store surplus water inthe Mojave Desert and also mine indigenous groundwater - has been permanently stopped by the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California at its board meeting on Tuesday, October 8. A unique aspect of the successful coalition to stop Cadiz was bringing together the environmental community, concerned about the impact on the sensitive desert ecology, with public interest groups who were fighting to prevent a watermarket similar to the electricity debacle that robbed Californians of tens of billions of dollars in 2001.

 "The financial house of cards that makes up the Cadiz empire has crumbled," says Jane Kelly, Public Citizen's California Director. "This has been a bogus project from the start and we are glad the MWD has finally killed it."

Slated to cost water ratepayers at least $1 billion over the next fifty years, Cadiz was tagged as a corporate boondoggle. British investor Keith Brackpool, Cadiz's chief executive officer, has contributed heavily to Governor Gray Davis and served as his chief advisor on water issues. The week before, MWD staff, headed by chief executive Ronald Gastelum, recommended to the board that the project be tabled indefinitely. Gastelum cited rising costs, Cadiz, Inc.'s financial condition, environmentalconcerns, and the prolonged Colorado River drought, an outcome of global warming, that has dramatically reduced the chances that the Cadiz project could store any surplus water. Also, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D) and Representative Jerry Lewis (R) wrote tothe MWD directors, asking them not to approve the Cadiz project.The MWD board voted to reject the Bush Administration's Record of Decisionapproving the Final Environmental Impact Report and Right of Way grant,expressing deep skepticism regarding the financial viability andenvironmental sustainability of the project. Several MWD board memberswent further and stated that they opposed opening the door to waterprivatization. Faced with a packed audience of constituents who rose upand chanted, "Stop Cadiz Without Delay!," the MWD board listened to thepublic, not the corporate backers of the misguided project.


Voted to stop Cadiz permanently - Please be sure to thank them!!!

Dale Stanton, Anaheim

Bettty Harris, Beverly Hills

Glenn Brown, Burbank

Ted Grandsen, Ventura County

Gary Morse, Southeast LA County

Regina Murph,Compton

Marion Ashley,  Moreno/Perris/Hemet/Temecula

James Edwards, Altadena/Crescenta Valley

James Blake, Fullerton

James Rez, Glendale

Glen Peterson, Westlake/Calabasas

Jorge Castro, Los Angeles

Deborah Dentler, Los Angeles

William Luddy, Los Angeles

Timothy Brick, Pasadena

Hugo Mejia, San Fernando

Thom Coughran, Santa Ana

Judy Abdo,  Santa Monica

David De Jesus, Pomona Valley

Bill Wright, Torrance

Anthony Fellow, San Gabriel Valley

Carol Kwan, South Bay/West Hollywood/Culver City


Absent During Vote

Wyatt Troxel, Ontario/Chino

Bonny Herman, Los Angeles

Helen Hansen, Long Beach

Harold Ball, San Diego County

Claude Lewis, San Diego County

John Morris, San Marino


Voted against stopping Cadiz

Philip Pace, Southeast LA County

Ergun Bakall,  Orange County

Wesley Bannister, Orange County

John Foley, Orange County

Langden Owen, Orange County

George Loveland, San Diego County

Joseph Parker, San Diego County

Willard Murray, South Bay/West Hollywood/Culver City

John Mylne, Corona/Riverside/Murrieta


Coalition to Stop Cadiz

Public Citizen

Sierra Club

National Parks Conservation Association

Western Environmental Law Center

Alliance for Democracy

Desert Survivors

Taxpayers for Common Sense

Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California Chapter

California Wilderness Coalition

Center for Biological Diversity

Defenders of Wildlife

Desert Protective Council

Friends of the Earth

GRACE Public Fund

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility

Southern California Federation of Scientists

Southern California Watershed Alliance

The Wilderness Society

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