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Our Campaigns Protect the Basics for Life: Food, Water and Democracy

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With the conversion of our rented office space to condos and the coincidental departure of several staff members, we are taking this opportunity to restructure our California operations. Calls to the California office phone number are being answered by our main Washington DC office. When we have completed the restructuring, we will post information on our website, www.citizen.org.

Our Campaigns Protect the Basics for Life: Food, Water and Democracy.

We are fighting for safe and sustainable agriculture that provides locally-grown and nutritious food produced in a humane fashion. We are advocating democratic control and protection of public water resources in the face of international corporate strategies to privatize its ownership and distribution. And we are continuing to highlight how corporate-driven trade policy undermines environmental regulations, labor laws, and the democratic process.

This office is proud to host the California Coalition for Fair Trade and Human Rights.

We hope you will join us in building a sustainable and democratic California!

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