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Ban Irradiated Foods In Your School District!

By ignoring the concerns of thousands of concerned individuals across the country, it is clear that the USDA did not have the public’s interest in mind when they approved irradiated foods for the National School Lunch Program.  However, communities have been sounding their disapproval for the USDA’s proposal loud and clear, and have passed resolutions or policies at their local school boards that ban irradiated foods from school meal programs.  To date, six school districts in California have banned irradiated foods (see below for list), and many others have decided not to order it.  In addition, many states have decided against ordering irradiated foods for their schools’ lunch programs.

Make your school district the next to ban irradiated foods!  Contact your local school board and request that they pass a ban.  You can download a FREE activist kit for background and materials.  Please contact Patty Lovera for more information at plovera@citizen.org.

List of California School Districts Banning Irradiated Food

Berkeley Unified School District, Berkeley – November, 2002
Point Arena Joint School District Board, Point Arena – January, 2003
Ukiah Unified School District, Ukiah – August, 2003
Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles – September, 2003
Grant Elementary School District, Redding – October, 2003
San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco – April, 2004


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