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Background on Irradiated Food

Irradiation exposes food to doses of ionizing radiation equivalent to millions of chest x-rays in order to kill bacteria.  This process destroys essential nutrients and hastens their depletion during storage and cooking.  Irradiation also creates known toxins in food, such as benzene and toluene, and new chemicals called “unique radiolytic products,” some of which the FDA has never tested for safety. 

Research on irradiated foods links them to a wide range of health problems in humans and animals, including reproductive dysfunction, fatal internal bleeding, and a rare form of cancer.  There is no research on the health effects on humans of consuming irradiated foods over a long period of time, and no population has ever consumed irradiated foods as a substantial part of their diet.

Food irradiation also perpetuates the disgusting environment found in many factory farms, feedlots and slaughterhouses.  These facilities are breeding grounds for numerous diseases and create massive amounts of animal waste that contaminate drinking water and degrade air quality.  Slaughterhouses process animals at extremely high speeds that threaten the health and safety of workers, who are often the victims of numerous workplace atrocities.



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